Quaife 60G

Quaife - 60G

From £5,995.00

    •  Designed as a direct replacement for the Ford Sierra Type 9 gearbox
    •  Incorporates a modular gear cluster on 80mm shaft centres
    •  Heavy duty in-line gearbox, opting for a cutting edge, clean-sheet design.
    •  Designed for rear wheel drive applications capable of handling up to a maximum of 300 lbft and 375 bhp
    •  Offers ultra-rapid and smooth gearshifts, allied to superior strength and reliability
    •  Designed with open face dogs on both the gears and drive discs to allow for easier gear inter-changeability
    •  Front face which is designed to mate directly to an existing Ford Type 9 bellhousing
    •  Weight approximately 35kg
    •  Customers can specify long and short input shaft options QBE60G according to preference
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Application List

application code price
6-Speed Heavy Duty in-line RWD sequential SPUR gearbox QBE60GS £5995.00
6-Speed Heavy Duty in-line RWD sequential HELICAL gearbox QBE60GS £6295.00