How Can We Help You?

Our small team are dedicated to the building, repair and rebuilding of all transmissions, especially those used within motorsport. This means that we really know our transmissions, which can only be a good thing for you. We are agents for many different manufacturers. However, we are tied to no-one. This ensures that we are able to offer totally impartial advice, that way, you get what you want; not what we want to sell you! For example, you might want us to build your front wheel drive with a Quaife gear set, and a Gripper LSD.

For all our services, we prefer you to contact us so we can work out your quote. Our range of services, skills and conversions include:

Supply or fit

The vast majority of our products can be fitted to your car or transmission, supplied built up in a complete unit (e.g. a gearbox), or just supplied from the manufacturer as a kit – please ask when placing your order for more information.

 Machining Facilities

We offer most machining facilities, either in-house, or with trusted local companies, including milling, turning, grinding, welding, spark-erosion, heat-treatment, jig-boring, etc.


Looking for something that doesn’t (yet!) exist? We will commission gearsets to suit your needs.

 Shot-peening & Polishing

This drag- and stress-reduction treatment can decrease the chances of stress fracture by up to 30%, and the reduced drag makes a big difference to your transmission’s running temperatures and the associated losses (“transmission loss”).

 Cryogenic Stress Relief

This heat-treatment process is another effective (and measurable) way of improving your transmission’s resistance to failure, and can be carried out on a wide range of parts.


This is generally carried out on the production type transmission commonly found in one-make racing. Benefits include drag reduction (which can be significant) and improved gear shifting. Of course this would tend to be carried out in accordance with your championship regulations!


A necessity to maintain your transmission’s performance and reliability; of all areas of a competition vehicle, the transmission is unfortunately often overlooked when it comes to preventative maintenance. We can ensure that your transmission is as reliable as possible by using our experience to spot and rectify potential weakspots before they become a frustrating and costly failure.


This normally involves one or more of the range of options available for all transmissions, including the fitting of larger and stronger bearings, a stronger gearset from one of the specialist manufacturers, or a limited slip differential and uprated gears to an axle.


We are happy to assist you on most topics relating to motorsport, such as calculations to chose the correct ratios with regard to engine power/torque characteristics, tyre size, applications (such as individual race circuits) and so on. In addition, we can advise on the different characteristics displayed by various transmission components. For example; the ongoing debate between plate-type LSD, and torque-biasing.

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For all our services, we prefer you to contact us so we can work out your quote.