Tracsport T9 Semi Helical Gearkit


These gears have been developed with the Duratec user in mind. The gear tooth profiles are much larger than ford original specification and are similar to a typical Straight cut gear. The amount of engine torque this gear kit can be used with is greater than a typical s/cut gear kit. The gears are cut to a angle of 25 degree’s, this reduces end thrust friction but still maintains more than one tooth driving at any one time, this is obviously stronger than one at a time as in s/cut gearboxes but also 95% quieter. The gears are fully shaved after gear cutting to perfect the gear form. First and second gear are bored out much larger than standard and in other areas the gear kit is also lightened. The benefit of reduced mass is enhanced synchro life and a faster, lighter gear change. First and second gears are fitted with caged needle roller bearings to reduce friction.

It has been lightened where possible and weighs 1.112 kg less than a standard ford helical gear kit (7.840kg).

The lighter the gear kit the less load there is on the sychromesh, therefore increasing reliability.

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Gear kit £1018.00 ex.VAT retail.