ZF Gearbox

ZF S5-18/3

From £5995

    •  Homologated for historical use
    •  Heavy duty alloy casings
    •  Ideal for many historic cars
    •  Completely new gearbox
    •  Dog Leg 1st gear with direct 1:1 5th
    •  Input shaft can be Escort, Capri, Opel or BMW
    •  Homologated ratios of 2.3, 1.8, 1.36, 1.14, 1.00
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Application List

application code price
Ford Escort 4 cylinder, 1″x23 short input gearbox ELESCGB £5,995.00
Ford Capri 6 cylinder Cologne long input gearbox ELCAPGB £5,995.00
Lotus Sunbeam and Vauxhall Viva/Firenza slant 4 gearbox ELGMGB £5,995.00